Ontario Fencing

It is so important to make sure that you have a sturdy fence to secure your property and keep your assets safe. Did you know that you have many types of fencing to choose from? Work with a fencing company in Ontario to help you custom design a fence that meets your needs. They can make recommendations on which fence material will work best.

Types of Fences

Your local fencing company in Ontario can meet with you and listen to what you need to reach your fence goals. They may suggest that you install one of the following fencing materials:

  • wood fencing
  • vinyl fencing
  • colored vinyl fencing
  • chain link fencing
  • wrought iron fencing

Each of these fencing materials is versatile and durable but may work better for a specific project than other materials. These fencing materials have a variety of uses from simple fencing to privacy fencing to commercial fencing and more. Ask your local fencing company for recommendations so that you don’t have the wrong material installed for your project.

Simple Fencing Projects

Fencing companies are able to help you design, install, and even repair existing fences for even the simplest project. Many people consider their front yard fence or back yard fence simple fencing. These fences border your property line and place a barrier between your personal property and the neighboring property.

Most Ontario fences that are put up for simple projects are home fences. Vinyl fencing in Ontario, wood fencing in Ontario, and chain link fencing in Ontario are the more popular options for home fences.

These fence materials are popular for home fencing options for a number of reasons, including:

  1. Chain link fences are inexpensive compared to other materials
  2. Vinyl fences are durable and can look like wood fences
  3. Wood fencing is traditional and easy to maintain

Consult with a local fencing company near you to learn more about which one of these fencing materials would work best for your simple home project.

Privacy Fencing Projects

There are two types of fencing that are primarily used for privacy fencing projects. Most fencing contractors in Ontario would suggest wood fencing or vinyl fencing for privacy projects. This is because both of these materials are not see-through.

Privacy fencing projects are meant to keep people on the outside from looking in. Vinyl fencing near you may be used because tall vinyl fencing planks can be installed. Not only are the planks tall, but they are harder to climb because they are smooth and there are no footholds on the outside.

Commercial Fencing Projects

Ontario chain link fencing isn’t just an option for home fences or simple projects. Commercial and industrial fencing projects use chain link fencing because the material is one of the cheapest fencing options available. It is often used for large projects because it can be installed quickly. If there is ever any damage to the chain link then the repairs can also be done quickly, too.

Ontario wood fencing is another option for commercial and agricultural projects. Wood fences designed for these uses are not your typical home fence. A board-on-board fence is not practical for these projects; however, a split wood fence works perfectly. Split fences can cover a lot of land without using a lot of material.

Basics of Fence Installation

When you need a fence installed, call a fencing company for help. They are specifically trained and licensed to meet your fencing needs. Additionally, they will have experience working on a variety of projects with different fencing materials.

Here are the general steps that a fencing contractor will go through to plan and install your fencing:

  • Hold a consultation meeting to determine needs and get fence measurements
  • Order the materials and supplies needed for the fencing project
  • Apply for and obtain permits necessary for fence installation
  • Schedule fence removal, if needed, and installation date
  • Remove old fencing, if there is any, and clear the area where the new fence will be installed
  • Dig post holes and set the posts in the ground
  • Install cross rails by attaching them securely to the posts
  • Securely install fence boards or pickets to the cross rails
  • Install fence gate, post caps, and any decorative pieces
  • Treat or stain the material – this step will be skipped for Ontario vinyl fencing because the material will come in the desired color

Each fence install may be slightly different from the steps on this list because of how big or small the fencing project is. The material chosen for the project will make a difference, too.

How to Choose a Fencing Contractor Near Me

When you go to choose a fencing contractor in Ontario, make sure that you look for one that is locally owned and close to your project location. Next, ensure that they have the proper contractor’s license. Finally, check online for reviews and pictures of their previous work.

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