Claremont Fencing

Have you been searching for a fencing contractor near me? Before you embark on a new fencing project, you should make sure that you know about the different types of fences. Each fence material has a variety of uses that might work for your commercial or residential fencing project. Work with a fencing contractor to make sure that the material you choose and the design you decide on will meet your fencing project requirements.

Reasons to Work With a Fencing Company

It is beneficial for many reasons to work with a local fencing company to install your new fence or repair your existing fence. Here are the top three reasons why you should work with a local fencing company in Claremont.

  1. Fencing companies buy their materials in bulk. When they buy their supplies in bulk they are able to pass that savings to their customer.
  2. A local fencing company near you must be licensed and has to meet specific state requirements to install or repair your Claremont fence.
  3. Your Claremont fencing service will be able to take measurements and design a fence to your exact specifications.

In addition to these three reasons why you should work with a fencing company in Claremont, make sure you know about the different materials that your fence can be made out of. Knowing about the materials might help you finalize your decision.

Vinyl Fencing & Colored Vinyl Fencing

Claremont vinyl fencing is a great choice if you want wood fencing, but don’t want to have to worry about treating or staining your fence. Vinyl fencing in Claremont can sometimes be hard to distinguish because of how similar the styles can be to wood fencing.

Both vinyl and wood fencing can look like plank fencing, picket fencing, lattice fencing, and more. The biggest difference between the two materials is that wood will deteriorate and vinyl will not rot or become insect-infested.

Vinyl fencing near you is higher in price than wood fencing, but you will never have to paint, stain, or treat vinyl fencing. This is because vinyl fencing comes pre-colored and doesn’t need to be treated.

Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fencing is a common choice for fencing in both residential and commercial applications because it is the cheapest fencing option outside of temporary, plastic fencing. Chain link fencing in Claremont can be installed quickly and easily.

Claremont chain link fencing can be used for simple projects like a backyard enclosure, or complex projects like high-security enclosures. Many zoos and wildlife sanctuaries use some form of chain link fencing to protect the park’s animals and visitors.

Wood Fencing

Wood fencing in Claremont is very common in residential areas. This is because wood is the traditional material that builders use when homes are in construction. Most families continue to maintain their Claremont wood fencing instead of replacing it with other options. When wood fencing is kept up properly it can last for a long time.

Many fencing contractors in Claremont will not only install and replace wood fencing projects, but they can help with painting, staining, and treating the wooden planks in order to increase the fence’s lifespan.

There are many styles of wood fences that can be installed based on your specific fencing project needs. Common types of wood fences include picket, lattice, board on board, dog-eared, split rail, and more. The type of wood fence you choose will most likely depend on whether you need a fence for a residential project or a commercial one.

In residential areas, picket fences are often used to border the front of someone’s house or garden. Wooden lattice fencing is used in gardens, too. Board on board and dog-eared plank fencing is the most common wooden fence used in a residential area.

Split rail fences, on the other hand, are commonly used on larger commercial or agricultural properties. People choose split rail fences because they can cover large areas without using a ton of resources.

Make sure that you go over which type of wood planks or pickets will be used for your fence. There are several different types of wood that can be used, like cedar or pine.

Specialty Fence Materials

Some fencing projects use a combination of the fencing materials listed above. Other fencing projects will use specialty materials. Examples of fences that are made with special materials include wrought iron fencing, aluminum fencing, composite fencing, and more.

Additions to a specialty fence might include windscreens, PVC slats, barbed wire, razor wire, and more. Some people choose to have electronic additions like remote-controlled gates, security cameras, and intercoms installed along with their fencing. Talk to your fence contractor in Claremont if you want to have any specialty fence materials or add-ons installed with your new fence.

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